Eli Katzir

An Entrepreneur | 27 year old

I had suffered from an early age and was looking for a solution to the problem. I tried every remedy, a shampoo and a possible pill, including visits to doctors and dermatologists, and I almost lost hope until I discovered the Hairegen.

The improvement is unbelievable…
as if someone had put a wig on my head.

Shir Primer

Economics student | 29 years old

I was surprised to discover that in five minutes of use a day I managed to get my hair back

She tried everything: medical solutions, clinics and hair extensions but to no avail, which led her to accept the situation and hide it.
Her father had told her he had found her hair loss solution! Since then she has been using Hairegen and the results are great.

Esti Haimov

I was very skeptical…
I saw results after 4 months! I’m excited!

I’m a very young woman, will not tolerate hair loss anymore, I have to stop it!
I told myself I was trying to see what would happen. I put the Hairegen into my daily routine, 5 minutes before going to bed, and after 4 months perseverance, I see a sharp change. I’m happy.

Yossi Ophir

Salesperson | 60+ years old

For me it works!
My wife was skeptical… Today she also uses and is very pleased.

I have had a fascinating experience, the use of the device has changed my appearance and I can say today with certainty that my results are visible and the device works!