Advisory Board

Dov Ingman PhD

Associate Professor (ret.) Dov Ingman had a prolific career in nuclear physics, measurements and reliability at the Technion Institute in Haifa, Israel. Dov authored dozens of scientific journal publications. Dov is also an entrepreneur and inventor, holdings many patents in the fields of nanotechnology, measurement devices, ecological solutions and others. Dov’s inventions were the foundation of several skin-care companies such as Leorex and Pilogics.

Arie Chaouat

Personally responsible for the 9-figure sales of beauty technological products world-wide, Mr. Chaouat provides a uniquely experienced view of product lifecycle and global marketing strategies for innovative technologies such as those of Pilogics.

Ziv Dascalu

A serial entrepreneur and seed investor, Mr. Dascalu guides Pilogics on navigating towards global success. His marketing and customer engagement experience are very valuable for Pilogics’s direct sales strategies.