Hairegen is a self-treatment device for excessive hair loss, hair thinning and balding. Hairegen is suitable for all genders, and is an effective method to encourage hair regrowth.

Regardless of the cause, genetic balding or other factors, Hairegen gives every user the opportunity to overcome the problem effectively. Hairegen, a world-wide registered patent, is a breakthrough in the treatment of baldness. The innovative technological development helps hair grow back. Hairegen provides a combination of four treatment mechanisms, which effectively stop the balding process, neutralize the cause of rapid hair loss and encourage new hair growth.

Hairegen stimulates dormant hair follicles, which causes hair regrowth, thickening of existing hair and arrests follicle atrophy. Correct and regular use of Hairegen results in a quick halt to the balding process. In just a few months, significant change in the appearance of your hair will be clearly visible.

The combination of thicker and increased volume of existing hair results in a significant improvement in the way your hair looks and feels. Using Hairegen at home is easy, convenient and completely safe. There are no side effects and Hairegen is the only hair regrowth solution with guaranteed results.

After the first four months of treatment, you will benefit from an accumulated improvement of about 30% in two parameters: new hair growth and thickness of existing hair. Using Hairegen regularly ensures that your hair will continue to improve and regenerate well past the first four months of use.

Hairegen Advantages

Self Treatment Anywhere
Take Hairegen anywhere and use it anytime

Rapid Results
Your hair will look better after a few short months of use

Technological Breakthrough
The most advanced, patent-protected technology

Amazing Results
Not only will your hair loss stop, your hair will increase in amount of total hair and in thickness of existing hair

No Side Effects
Treatment with Hairegen is external and local

Minutes a day
As part of your daily routine – like brushing your teeth

Personal Trainer
Allows you to get the most out of Hairegen, free of charge for a lifetime

Low Annual Cost
The only consumable part of Hairegen is the cartridge

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Clinically Proven

Hairegen Suitability Chart